This is a place for questions and answers about the Bible, and it’s content



I give out the Word of God, The Bible, because I believe if you read it like any other book, you will find out who God is, characteristics which define God, and what He desires for us.  You cannot not know that Shakespeare exists, nor can you understand him, unless you read about him, read his writings, or watch his plays.   In the same way, You can only get to know about God and know God in a personal understanding, by reading THE BOOK WHICH EXPLAINS ABOUT HIM, AND SHOWS US WHAT HE DESIRES.  

God desires a relationship with you, but like any parents, He will wait for you to make that decision…that you want a relationship with Him.  You become the “winner” because you benefit from all that is Good about God.  He is actually working for your good…so everything He says, and everything He does, is to help you on your Journey of Life.


On My Father’s Business,


Dean  or



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