Monday, March 13, 2017



Have you ever noticed how important….other people think they are in everyday life?

It happens whenever you connect with other people in the world around us, at the clinic, in school, at church, in the workplace, even in your own neighborhood, while you were “minding your own business.”

The other day, I went to get a few things at the grocery store, and I was anxious to get out and go home. No problem!

   Yeah, we all hate those dreaded long lines…people with a full cart
or an old person who has so much to talk about and a cashier who
doesn’t want to be rude.

So I go to the “do-it-yourself” area of the registers. I am the only one waiting for the next register to open up, when all of a sudden
out of nowhere comes a woman with a cart and she proceeds to drive her “importance” in front of me.

At first I was not too sure of how to handle it, because I might seem rude, and I wanted to be careful.

I nicely said, “I was standing here, and I am next.”

She responded, “Well, I was here before you, but I had to go back and get bread!”

So that puts you in front of me, because…………..?

I tried to think of something that I could say, that would answer that rational, and decided there is nothing that would work.

You always think of something about two or three days later, and wish you could go back, just to say that to the other person.

Aren’t we just the most important people in the World?

Wonder where this all started…and how has it gotten to be such an issue in our day and age.

It reminded me, again this morning when I read in Luke 14:7-11 about an important man who had a wedding feast and invited people. Someone goes and sits at an important seat, maybe close to the front. Then a person of more importance comes in and the one who had invited the people, has to come and tell a person to get out of the seat and give it to the other person.

Jesus says, “Go seat in the ‘lowly’ seat, (think very humbly of yourself) and if the one who invited you, sees you, he will come and ‘elevate’ you to a higher position.”  Jesus goes on and says, “One who exalts himself shall be humbled (Can you give your seat up to this more important person?), and the one who humbles himself (One who sat in the ‘lowly’ seat) shall be exalted.”

Humbled to be
On My Father’s Business,



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