WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO “REPENT?”   The Greek word is :  “μετανοώ”  pronounced “metanoeo.”    It is two words put together….”meta” which means “with” and “noeo” meaning “perceive, apprehend, understand, or to gain an insight into….”   So what is means we change or turn around in our understanding of something, as we gain an insight into a concept or word, or phrase, or an ideal.   

We embrace a concept with an understanding of what it means to us, and changes us from the way in which we are walking in our Journey to go in a different direction.  This might be a 180 degree change from what we were doing, to the way we do it now.   We do this in reality all the time and never think about it.

As a child, I attempt to do something….and it doesn’t work out, so I need to try something different…and that usually means “don’t do what you just did.”  If you know your relationship is becoming “toxic” and you want to keep the relationship, you need to change directions.  If you are always sarcastic, you might change the way in which you say something to this other person.   It is not appeasing the person to change the way you say something, You do not change the other person, but you may change the tone you use, or “harshness” of the words you use, in order to communicate and keep the relationship.

God wants to have a relationship with us.   We don’t know that as we are children and don’t know who God is or what He does.   We don’t know anything about Him as children.  Then as we read and learn about God, we find out information about Him and soon discover, we want to have a relationship with Him.   So that leads us to REPENT!  We change our mind about a relationship with Him and do things differently to know all about Him.  We acknowledge that we did not need Him in our lives before, but we find that now we need Him.


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