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th-2 “ABRAHAM…WAS SATISFIED WITH LIFE!”  Genesis 25:8 NASB  What would make you satisfied in your life?   If you go to Thanksgiving dinner, and eat, you know you are satisfied.  If you eat too much, you are “over-satisfied” or maybe the work should be sick.  I have done that, and I feel like I need to lay flat for several days.  I learned how to be satisfied.   In the Bible, Abraham was 175 years old, and he breathed his last breath.   His eyes closed, his ears heard nothing, he quit breathing, and his heart stop.   As recorded, the summary of his life was:   “ABRAHAM WAS SATISFIED WITH LIFE.” WOULD YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE PLACE THAT THE NAME ABRAHAM IS AND READ THAT BACK TO YOURSELF!                  “DEAN WAS SATISFIED WITH LIFE!”

I have made a lot of mistakes in my life.  One way to cut down on mistakes is to get help from another person.   It could be considered to be a mentor, someone who guides you through all of life.   Believe me when I say, I need a mentor even today.  I use perfection for my mentor. GOD/HIS SON-JESUS THE ANOINTED ONE/THE HOLY SPIRIT.   YOU CANNOT GET ANY MORE PERFECT THAN THAT. IT MEANS THAT I MUST FULLY TRUST THEM, AND PUT MY FAITH IN THEM.   THAT THEY WANT THE BEST FOR ME, AND I AM WILLING TO DO WHAT THEY ASK ME TO DO.

Then I need a guidebook.   There are things I can find out about them, and what their expectations are for me.   I know they don’t want to hurt me, and I know they don’t want me to hurt myself…so that means I must be careful to follow their instructions.  I cannot tell you how many times I put together things, only to find out, it doesn’t work or there are extra pieces left-over.  Now I go to the instructions, and find out the error that I made. The Bible is there to show me the path to walk, to show me when I got off the path, and how to get back onto the path, and how to stay on the path.   My Journey is so much easier, when I stay on the path.

There are things that make us “satisfied with life.”

1.)  Be content with life and in the way in which you find yourself.

2.)  Be happy about the situations you find yourself in and focus on the good and bright side of life.

3.)  Be thankful about everything in life. Thankful for heart pumping on its own. Thankful for system of digestion which you do not have to control. Thankful for hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, etc. Thankful for a brain in which you probably only use 10% of its full capacity.  Just think about adding to the percentage.

4.)  Be Righteous.   Be upright.  Do good in life.   Look for opportunities that you can lend a hand to someone, or help out in some way.  I saw a cook come out of his kitchen, and spotting an elderly lady trying to maneuver down stairs, went and grabbed her arm and helped her. As he came back up, I gave him the “thumbs up” and every time he sees me now, he smiles at me and gives me a greeting.  How hard can that all be…for us.  Do to others as you would like others to do to you.   Treat others with respect, because you would like them to treat you with respect.


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